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Safety | Best Newborn Photographer Austin Texas

The safety of  your baby is the most important aspect of your session at Misti Frithiof Photography. I want you to feel comfortable throughout the session knowing that your baby is in safe hands. I have been photographing newborns here in Austin for 5 years and very experienced.  I am known as one of the best Austin Newborn Photographers because of the dedication and time i put into my clients. As a Austin newborn photographer I must remember that it is a privilege to be asked to photograph your child, to document every little detail and share this incredible time with you in your life so that it can be remembered forever. 

These are the safety rules I have in place for my studio in Pflugerville, Texas.

• I never leave a newborn baby unattended in a prop, on your posing bag or with a young sibling.

• I always have a spotter or parent next to the newborn baby when using props.

• I use a support hand or finger when posing the newborn baby and clone it out later in Photoshop.

• I always have my camera strap around my neck when shooting above the newborn baby.

• I never stand on anything above the newborn baby in case I fall or it breaks.

• I never put a newborn baby inside or on an object / prop that could potentially break or fall.

• If the baby isn’t easily going into a certain position or is showing signs of discomfort I do NOT force them because every baby is different. I adjust them to where they are comfortable. Newborns will all have ‘their’ comfy spot so they need to be worked with and photographed as an individual