Newborn Photo Session Highlights Blog

Highlighted photos from newborn photography sessions. 

Austin Newborn Photographer- 6 day old baby girl.

This beautiful newborn baby girl was really squishy. She was so sleepy during her session and if she did wake up she would nurse for just a couple of minutes and would be back to sleep again. I absolutely loved this fig color for her pallete it really complimented her skin tone. She had a light fuzz all over her little body and the neatest hair. Hands down she was probally one of my favorite newborns to photograph. 

 Newborn baby girl in the frog pose fast asleep at my studio Misti Frithiof Photography. 
 Newborn baby girl all curled up being photographed in Austin, Texas.
 Newborn baby girl sleeping and being photographed by Misti Frithiof Photography at my Austin Texas studio.