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New Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

As many of you know I am one of Austin best newborn photographers when it comes to posing a newborn baby, however, as much as I adore the squishy baby poses I will no longer will be doing posed studio newborn sessions. Over the years, I have fell more and more in love with the art of pure raw emotion and photographing with no posing or props. Im embracing this modern style of newborn photography and now offering it to clients. It is more affordable and also more convenient as I can come to your home. I will be providing custom European newborn clothing as well as a beautiful hand made mosses basket and organic bed linens.

Safety | Best Newborn Photographer Austin Texas

The safety of  your baby is the most important aspect of your session at Misti Frithiof Photography. I want you to feel comfortable throughout the session knowing that your baby is in safe hands. I have been photographing newborns here in Austin for 5 years and very experienced.  I am known as one of the best Austin Newborn Photographers because of the dedication and time i put into my clients. As a Austin newborn photographer I must remember that it is a privilege to be asked to photograph your child, to document every little detail and share this incredible time with you in your life so that it can be remembered forever. 

These are the safety rules I have in place for my studio in Pflugerville, Texas.

• I never leave a newborn baby unattended in a prop, on your posing bag or with a young sibling.

• I always have a spotter or parent next to the newborn baby when using props.

• I use a support hand or finger when posing the newborn baby and clone it out later in Photoshop.

• I always have my camera strap around my neck when shooting above the newborn baby.

• I never stand on anything above the newborn baby in case I fall or it breaks.

• I never put a newborn baby inside or on an object / prop that could potentially break or fall.

• If the baby isn’t easily going into a certain position or is showing signs of discomfort I do NOT force them because every baby is different. I adjust them to where they are comfortable. Newborns will all have ‘their’ comfy spot so they need to be worked with and photographed as an individual

Austin Newborn Photographer-Beautiful baby girl

I had the pleasure of capturing this sweet little one at my newborn studio. She did not want to sleep when she arrived and i was able to get in some cuddles. Once she slept she stayed asleep the entire session. Mom choose a fig color and cream for her gallery. The little wrap and bonnet she is wearing i hand knit. Its angora and I'm currently knitting more sets in other colors. My favorite thing about her was her hair whisp and her cheeks.

 Newborn Photography, Newborn, Photography, Austin Texas, Newborn Photographer, Austin Newborn Photographer
 Newborn Photography, Newborn, Photography, Austin Texas, Newborn Photographer, Austin Newborn Photographer

Austin Newborn Photographer- 2 week old boy

This handsome guy came from Austin to my studio in Pflugerville for a mini newborn session. He was older than most babies i photograph so i kept him wrapped for his session. I instantly fell in love with his spiked hair! He also had such cute milia i didn't even edit it out. He did great during his newborn session. I really wanted to kiss his sweet face! He will definitley be in my portfolio!

 Newborn Photography, Newborn, Photography, Austin Texas, Newborn Photographer, Austin Newborn Photographer
 Newborn Photography, Newborn, Photography, Austin Texas, Newborn Photographer, Austin Newborn Photographer

Why is newborn photography so expensive?

Beautiful photography is worth an investment. Cheap photography isn’t good and good photography isn’t cheap.  Your newborn will only be this little once and unfortunately there are no re-dos. When doing your research on which newborn photographer to choose please don’t compare on prices! There will always be cheaper options. Always hire the ones with more experiense and higher quality work.

There’s an art to newborn photography and all custom photography, really. It’s not the number of pictures you’re paying for. It’s the hours spent on the entire process that you are paying for. Pre-session communication with you to discuss details, contract signing, invoicing, and scheduling, Tentative styling of the session. The actual session is anywhere from 2-6 hours depending on the package you choose. The studio has to be cleaned afterwards, fabrics sanitized and all props put back up. I spend anywhere from 2- 8 hours of downloading, culling and editing your images.

Your baby is just a few days old and your photographer will be the one handling, posing, wrapping, soothing, lifting..etc. You can’t trust just anyone to do that. I always do whats best and safest for your baby. I take time to gently pose your baby, so that not only does your newborn look peaceful, but actually comfortable. I am patient. I pay attention to the little details because in the end the little things makes a huge difference. I take the time to make sure each pose is perfected before capturing a picture. Each photograph you get from me is a piece of art. I know and understand light, angles and posing.  I understand Photoshop and only use it to enhance, not change your image. You’re getting years of experience. When you see your images on the gallery, you’ll be happy you’ve spent the time you did in my studio.

In today’s modern world, clients love having their images in digital format. This allows for unlimited printing at your leisure and the availability of having your digital files forever. The digital is the original piece of art, it belongs to the photographer. Digital files are the one of the highest priced items because once I sell you the files, I lose any future sales from that session. 

I hope this gives you a better understanding of the price of newborn photography. These moments are priceless. I assure you I'm one of the best newborn photographers in Austin Texas and worth the investment!


 Newborn Photography, Newborn, Photography, Austin Texas, Newborn Photographer, Austin Newborn Photographer

Austin Newborn Photographer- 6 day old baby girl.

This beautiful newborn baby girl was really squishy. She was so sleepy during her session and if she did wake up she would nurse for just a couple of minutes and would be back to sleep again. I absolutely loved this fig color for her pallete it really complimented her skin tone. She had a light fuzz all over her little body and the neatest hair. Hands down she was probally one of my favorite newborns to photograph. 

Newborn baby girl in the frog pose fast asleep at my studio Misti Frithiof Photography. 
Newborn baby girl all curled up being photographed in Austin, Texas.
Newborn baby girl sleeping and being photographed by Misti Frithiof Photography at my Austin Texas studio.